Subordinate Companies and Systems of RATO Group Successively Holding Annual Meeting 2017

On New Year’s Day of 2017, RATO Holding, RATO Technology, RATO Industrial, Runyin Yangtze River, Raywin Powertrain, RATO Intelligent, Financial System and Comprehensive Management System has successively held Annual Meeting 2017 to summarize the work of 2016 and put forward new targets of 2017.

In 2016, RATO got good achievements, profitability created the maximum historical level, and brand was widely recognized by more users in the world. Annual growth rate of profit of RATO Technology exceeded 70%. RATO Industrial was officially listed on New Three Board to become the first listed company subordinate to the Group. Runyin Yangtze River maintained sustainable development to occupy a scaled place in southwestern financial market. Raywin Powertrain realized sales in foreign market. RATO financial system kept up with the Group’s reform and development spirit to start deepening reform of financial system for the first year, with remarkable achievements. RATO comprehensive management system organized and developed the reform flight class, reading party, Huawei research team and RATO lesson, and successfully introduced external expert team of IBM and Korn Ferry Hay to lay a solid foundation for reform flight of RATO.

The year 2017 is the first final decade of RATO, and also the reform flight year of RATO people for the next decade. We have a long way to go in the future. All the employees of subsidiaries and business lines subordinate to RATO Group will make arduous efforts to realize common dream of the companies and employees. Reform flight starts today! RATO has opened a new chapter! 

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